some of Niall’s tshirts


    The boys making silly faces at the fan event.

    AU Meme → they don’t know about you and him.

    yours and niall’s relationship is a secret only the two of you know about. sneaking in through the window at night to join you on your bed was a consistent pattern. you no longer felt alone and it quickly became your safe paradise.

    “They don’t know what we do best.
    That’s between me and you, our little secret.”

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    One Direction taking a break with Ed Sheeran


    Zayn’s comment at the end, hahahha.

    He tweets you on the plane ride home...
    • Niall: @NiallOfficial- @[Y/T/N] Can't wait t' see your face! A few more hours babe!
    • Liam: @Real_Liam_Payne- @[Y/T/N] babee, im almost home. luvv uuuu! xx
    • Zayn: @zaynmalik- @[Y/T/N] So I realized I will be holding you in my arms again soon. Love you! aha :)x
    • Harry: @Harry_Styles- @[Y/T/N] You're gonna see meee sooonnn! I love you! xxxxx
    • Louis: @Louis_Tomlinson- @[Y/T/N] Prepare some tea! The sass masta is on his way home! Haha. :) I love you baby! xx
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